HHS opened the $20 Billion General Distribution Portal to apply for the second round of HHS stimulus payments. Note, you will have to have attested to the first-round stimulus payment before applying for the second.

Note: You will need to Re-Attest the original stimulus from HHS to gain access to the link to the Round 2 Stimulus

An officer of your company, or your CPA, must complete the application process.  To complete the application process, you will need to be able to download a copy of your latest filed federal tax return.  We strongly recommend you review the FAQs for a full listing of documentation needed to complete the application process.  You will need the following information to complete the application:

  • HHS stimulus payment amount already received
  • Group NPI
  • Medicare #
  • Projected revenue loss in March and April 2020 (i.e., patient counts, etc.)
  • Rendering site location
  • Payment address


Link to the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Application Guide:



The website to apply is: 



FAQs regarding the program can be found: 



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